Located on Highway 95, 31 miles North of Beatty, Nevada The Shady Lady Ranch is a Gem in the High Desert.
We Treat All Our Customers as VIP's.
Open Tuesday thru Sunday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Mondays 11:30 AM to Midnight

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Here at the Shady Lady ranch we cater to the working man .
While others cater to the high rollers we feel it is about time
that some one should provide great service for the average working man.

Menu Prices

2 hours $450.00
4 hours $800.00

These are a few of our new Items
There are many more too many to list so come on see what other
delightful pleasures await you here at the Shady Lady Ranch.

For more information about pricing.
Call 1 775 553 9100

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