Located on Highway 95, 31 miles North of Beatty, Nevada The Shady Lady Ranch is a Gem in the High Desert.
We Treat All Our Customers as VIP's.
Open Tuesday thru Sunday 9:00 AM to Midnight
Mondays 11:30 AM to Midnight

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Since early times prostitution has been an important, but controversial part of every society and culture. Nowhere has it been more a part of the lore of the land than here in the Great Southwest. The bawdy dance hall girls and Legal Brothels have long been an integral part of the west being settled so easily and efficiently.

Today in the State of Nevada, Legal Brothels still exist, and are still very important to those men who feel the need for out of home sexual experiences. Perhaps the romantic lure of the Old West is why houses of prostitution are still so popular and frequently visited, especially to the many visitors that come to Nevada each year.

They love to check out the latest houses to see what's new and different. For the tourists there couldn't be a safer way to have sex than in a Legal Brothel. The girls are checked weekly by a Doctor and many safeguards are in place to prevent any medical problems for the girls and their clients.

This is in stark contrast to the chances men take of contracting disease and or possible arrest when they pick up girls on the streets.
Prostitution is NOT LEGAL in Las Vegas or Reno,
or anywhere in Clark or Washoe counties.

The Shady Lady Ranch offers a safe, clean, and fun experience into the world of Legal Prostitution, and the experience of a Lifetime!

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